Unique Selling Points

1. Free to play: Players can play Mine Arena multiplatform: Web3, Google Play, Appstore, Facebook instant game, Huawei. Players can experience the game before becoming crypto gamers and earn from the game.
2. Compatible with all devices: Players can install Mine Arena on even devices with low configuration.
3. Full 3D Samurai art style: MA was inspired by the famous movie The Last Samurai with a 3D chibi manga style that could be attractive to global players. The story of Mine Arena is of high humanity and based on the real everyday life issue.
4. Real-time matching mechanic: Players can join the match and combat immediately rather than join turn-based combat.
5. High social features: Players can add friends and invite friends, create groups, and chat like any other social network because Mine Arena has cooperated with Facebook. The emoji collection can be adjusted to each player’s taste.