What is Mine Arena?

Mine Arena is a Free to Play NFT game set in a far-away land, where 6 precious resources compose the earth lay: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Wood, Stone and Cooper. These resources are very necessary for life, but they are guarded by vicious monsters.
Mine Arena offers a unique blend of Idle mode, fast-paced MOBA action, and traditional Battle Royale to create a one-of-a-kind experience.
Mine Arena begins with the story of Toadette. Toadette was the first Miner to arrive in the land then looking for and fighting the monsters to bring back these resources and protect her villagers, maintain the history and culture of her tribe. However, as more and more Miners arrived on the land, the resources became increasingly scarce. As a result, the villagers began invading one another, which in turn led to an ultimate war. All the Miners are born with extraordinary and distinguished senses and abilities. They always strive to preserve the historic value of their villages. Not only do they have to fight each other for the resources, but they also have to fight back against cruel monsters to access the mine.
By oining Mine Arena and playing as a miner, you must set out on various quests to find the resources. Your goal is to conquer the entire mysterious land, become more powerful, reinforce the village, and establish a strong empire.
Will you be strong enough to defeat others? Will your empire thrive, or struggle? Let's immerse ourselves in the world of Mine Arena!
Last modified 8mo ago